Slovenian Youth Orchestra - Romania Tour
Slovenski mladinski orkester - Romunija turneja


1 Participation Requirement
By signing this contract, the participant agrees to attend all activities related to the Slovenian Youth Orchestra’s tour in Romania, including rehearsals and concert performances. Attendance at every rehearsal and concert is mandatory unless otherwise specified by the event organisers.

For all concert performances, female and male musicians are obliged to the following dress code:
Female: black, elegant, black shoes
Male: white shirt, dark bow tie, black jacket, black trousers, black shoes

2 Performance Responsibility
The participant is responsible for preparing and performing their musical pieces to the best of their ability at each concert in the series. The participant agrees to attend all scheduled rehearsals leading up to each concert to ensure a high standard of performance.

3 Providing of sustenance
During the period from 01/08/2024 and 08/08/2024, the participant is provided

4 Illness or Unforeseen Circumstances
In the event of illness or any other unforeseen circumstances that prevent the participant from partaking in any activities of the project, the participant is responsible for finding a suitable replacement. In case of sickness or injury, you are obligated to bring the confirmation from the doctor. The replacement must be approved by the event organisers.

5 Conduct
The participant is expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner during all rehearsals and performances.

6 Image and Promotion
The participant gives consent for their image and recordings from the concerts to be used for promotional purposes related to this project.

7 Transportation
Every participant that lives more than 40km away from Ljubljana will get their transportation expenses reimbursed. The choice of transportation must be discussed and approved by the event organisers in advance.

Tour Schedule

Thursday, 01/08/2024
Friday, 02/08/2024
Saturday, 03/08/2024
Sunday, 04/08/2024
Monday, 05/08/2024
Tuesday, 06/08/2024
Wednesday, 07/08/2024
Thursday, 08/08/2024

Rehearsal day 1
Rehearsal day 2
Rehearsal day 3
Travel day
Travel day
Concert – Bucharest
Concert – Sinaia
Travel day

Further details for rehearsals will be announced.
We reserve the right to change the schedule and location of all project related activities.