Camerata SMO is a chamber ensemble of the Slovenian Youth Orchestra.

Camerata consists of experienced musicians aged 18-26 who are already trying to profile themselves on the professional podium. Playing in Camerata allows performing in the broadest musical field. The ensemble plays diverse genres and works in an interdisciplinary way. Performing on stage, in studios, collaborating with Slovenian professional musicians and playing with different artists is an essential way of weaving inter-collegiate bonds and gaining mileage for a professional career.
Camerata musicians also regularly play in the Slovenian Youth Orchestra. They act as supportive tutors to the youngest musicians and as the strongest link in the chain of peer-to-peer cooperation. Conversely, talented younger members of the SMO may get the opportunity to perform in Camerata.

Camerata SMO & Balladero @ Izštekani

Camerata SMO – The (Uncertain) Four Seasons


The (Uncertain) Four Seasons

 COP26, Glasgow

Balladero & Camerata SMO

Izštekani, Val202


"Working for Camerata requires dedication and professionalism towards the group, and is remunerated. Interested in working with us?

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