Become a friend of the Slovenian Youth Orchestra and a member of our growing and increasingly diverse musical family, which includes orchestral and other musicians, mentors, parents, family members and music lovers from all over Slovenia. There is no doubt that the last two years have been devastating for the art of music. The Pandemic has completely curtailed the events that connect, inspire and bring progress to young people. Your contribution will give young musicians what was taken away from them during the Covid era. If ever there was a time to be actively supporting young people, it is now. Only friends together form a strong SMO community.


Friends have a special insight into the work of the orchestra with regular events, updates on our work and opportunities to meet SMO musicians. As friends and supporters, you will share in our achievements and help us to realise our ambitions.


100€ Donation from 100 to 200 EUR
  • 2 tickets for the SMO summer concert at the Križanke Open-Air Theatre
  • 2 tickets for the SMO Gala Evening in November
  • Audio recording of the Live Concert
  • SMO Summer Camp Pre-reservation with benefits
  • Rehearsal visit


550€ Donation from 550 to 1100 EUR
  • Dinner with conductors, soloists, composers
  • Private »Home-Concert« with SMO Chamber ensemble
  • 8 tickets for the SMO summer concert at the Križanke Open-Air Theatre
  • 6 tickets for the SMO Gala Evening in November

"In tune with your commitment to our efforts, we will continue to create with commitment, expertise, passion and total dedication to creating a world-class culture. We will continue to enable young up-and-coming musicians to make the most of their talents and to connect them with top institutions and established artists who, with their invaluable experience, can offer young people pathways and advice to new and better career opportunities.