Concert for social and climate justice @
Križanke Ljubljana

7. 6. 2022

"What we did with this concert at the Ljubljana Festival in Križanke was GREAT. The message was undoubtedly powerful and touched many people who were present at the concert. We are grateful to have been able to highlight the most pressing issues in the excellent company of like-minded performers.
With a unique concept, we first celebrated nature with the (uncertain) four seasons, an algorithmic reworking of Vivaldi's most famous work, and predicted its dissonant future if we don't act now. Maja Horvat, you absolutely impressed with your magnetism and your skill on the violin. The second part of the concert was dedicated to youth, young minds and hearts and Slovenian rebel poetry, interpreted and sung by Masayah and @Hugo Smeh - Hyu. The performance was supported by many other young Slovenian rappers with their wit, boldness and open participation.
It's not every day that you get to see and hear the perfect mix of contemporary classical music and symphonic rap. It is not every day that people are strongly attracted to a genre that they would never listen to in their everyday lives.
I am very happy that the audience - whose age range is from 12 to 85 - appreciated it too."
Živa Ploj Peršuh

Music connects. Music opens minds. Music makes us tolerant and humble. Music is life.


UNICEF Slovenia for all the extra effort and determination.

Festival Ljubljana, for all your support and help.

Luni \TBWA, the communication was really fast and magical.

Europlakat Slovenia, for making us visible.

Things I Miss, for the concept of devotion and second skins.

Miran Juršič, for photo stories.

Beletrina, for cooperation.

Matija Krečič, for all the brilliant musical arrangements.

Matej Filipčič, for a wonderful scene.


Alarm / H2SO4

Concert for social and climate justice   

(Uncertain) The Four Seasons - Ljubljana 2050.

Algorithmic a re-composition of Vivaldi's globally popular Four Seasons, developed by composers, musicians, climatologists and computer scientists, based on geospatial climate projections for 2050.

H2SO4 - (Rebel Poetry, Beletrina) 

Face (Hyu, arr. Matija Krečič) 

Click (Hyu, courtesy Matija Krečič) 

Without a Plan (Hyu, courtesy Matija Krečič) 

Acetone (Hyu, courtesy Matija Krečič) 

Bling (Hyu, prir. Matija Krečič) 

Roads (Hyu, courtesy Matija Krečič) 

It won't be like that (Hyu, courtesy Matija Krečič) 

Actions (Hyu, courtesy of Matija Krečič) 

Slovenian resistance poetry and texts Masayah, VAZZ, Hyu, EMKEJ, Ezra, Ghet, Drill, Leyre, WOMAN , N3, Slick, Matter, Zlatko and Igor Saksida 

Maja Horvat, violin solo 

Conductor and artistic director Živa Ploj Peršuh