Balladero & Camerata SMO

Izštekani, Jure Longyka

Val 2020 , Ljubljana

10 May 2021

The Event

Balladero, the leading local piano singer-songwriter, was not alone in Izštekani. On the contrary, twenty hearty souls helped him make music. It was specially arranged for the occasion in a variety of ways, from band acoustics to fiercely intimate moments to a small chamber ensemble.

Balladero in particular needs no introduction. Well, maybe quickly. Having put down the drumsticks he wielded in the late phase of the Prekmurje alternatives PsychoPath, he embarked on a solo path paved with black and white keys. He has produced two predominantly English-singing albums, Club Deuce (2012) and Perfect You (2016). On the radio, the Slovenian ones have been the most popular, he is often heard in a duet with Jadranka Juras and in the last year or two he has successfully continued with this. "Carry Me", "I'm Still Alive" and the latest "Najina" are bold in the ears.

Last summer, Balladero gave an outstanding concert with the Slovenian National Youth Orchestra under the direction of Živa Ploj Peršuh. And continued transforming his music. Matija Krečič arranged some of his outstanding orchestral arrangements especially for Izštekane for a small ensemble of strings, winds, brass, percussion and harp, which for the occasion was called Camerata SMO.

"The symphonic ... not an addition, but a reflection, has really ennobled, enchanted Ballader's music. It has given it what it really deserves. Arrangements are not easy and the young people had to really get into them. It more than justified their trust," says conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh. Arranger Matija Krečič adds. We are creating a new sound, in which the individual instruments will come out even more."

"It's like riding in different vehicles, of different types and sizes. If you're solo like in a sleek limousine and you're with a band in a van, with an orchestra you're like in a spaceship that takes you to the stratosphere," Balladero shares his impressions.

In addition to Camerata SMO, Ballader was accompanied by his band - Martin Lunder, Jernej Kržičič and Boštjan Gradišek armed themselves with an acoustic arsenal especially for the occasion - and many distinguished guests: singers Samo Budna, Jadranka Juras and Melanija Fabčič Melée (PsychoPath, Werefox), guitarist Peter Dekleva (Hamo & Tribute 2 Love, Dead Poets Society) and English classically trained accordionist Amadej Herzog.

"The Outlaws is a special story that turns you 1000 turns. Like a centrifuge that spins you through what you do otherwise. I thought a lot about how to approach it, because my music is fundamentally freaky. If you work as a singer-songwriter, your songs can survive almost any form. And during the time of reprogramming for Izstekane, a lot of new musical ideas were born." Dominik Bagola - Balladero



A dozen magnificent compositions in too many hitherto unknown shades. Treat yourself.



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