SAMO1PLANET @ 68th Festival Ljubljana

68th Ljubljana Festival

Congress Square, Ljubljana

29 August 2020

The Event

As part of the Ljubljana Festival, the Slovenian National Youth Orchestra performed on the big stage in the middle of the Congress Square, which was the main venue of this year's festival. The soloist and composer, the Prekmurje singer-songwriter Ballader, was joined by the renowned singer Jadranka Juras and the rapper Emke. The concert programme was rounded off by works by classical masters Nielsen, Larsson, Bizet and Shostakovich, featuring soloists from the orchestra.

Dominik Bagola - Balladero - vocal
Jadranka Juras - vocal
Emkej - vocal
Conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh
Slovenian National Youth Orchestra
Conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh

The Slovenian Youth Orchestra is also a proud ambassador of the Samo1planet initiative, which is part of the Care4Climate project, a consortium of prominent Slovenian institutions and ministries that aims to contribute to preserving the planet by raising awareness and changing our habits. Keeping the planet green and healthy is another priority for young people. They are proud to support it and spread it with their voice.


L. E. Larsson: Prelude from the lyric suite God in Disguise, Op. 24
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: I am still alive
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: Perfect View
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: Le bdi
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: Carry me
C. Nielsen: Rhapsodic Overture, Imaginary Journey to the Faroe Islands
G. and I. Gershwin, prir. M. Krečič: The Man I Love
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: If
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: Ragged Inn
Bizet: Suite Arlezanne, excerpt
Shostakovich: Waltz No. 2, Op. 99
Emkej, prir. M. Krečič: You know what you could do
Emkej and D. Bagola, witnesses. M. Krečič: Dabidabi
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: The Golden Times
J. Robežnik, G. Strniša, doc. M. Krečič: Carousel
M. Ronson, prir. T. Kukovič: Uptown Funk



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