Vlado Kreslin & SMO @ Cankarjev dom

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

8, 9, 10 September 2019


At the invitation of Vlad Kreslin, #SMO performed at three sold-out concerts in the Gallus Hall of Cankarjev dom. The legendary author shared the stage with the young generation of musicians and with this exceptional gesture once again supported the establishment of the Slovenian National Youth Orchestra.

All 65 musicians of the #SMO POK took part in rehearsals from 6 to 10 December 2019. For the preparation of three concerts in the eminent Gallus Hall of the Cankarjev Centre, the orchestra was back in full swing. The rehearsals were very intensive, a total of 19 hours without concerts. Additional activities this time took the form of visits to important institutions. On Monday we had an inside tour of RTV Slovenia. We visited different studios, we had a peek into the studio where the Good Morning programme was broadcast live, we met Slovenian TV star Mario Galunic and more. We also went to the Slovenian Philharmonic Hall, where we toured both halls, learned how to become a musician at this famous institution and attended a rehearsal of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. It was a great experience for everyone and, according to our young people, a great motivation for concerts. A bit more leisurely, but no less fun, was the ride on the city tourist train through Ljubljana. The most important thing was, of course, the concerts, and that is where we put most of our thoughts and energy.
CONCERTS 8, 9, 10 December 2019, Gallus Hall of Cankarjev dom

Radio Slovenia recorded the second concert.

"You have done something great and good again," Vlado Kreslin said after the last concert at Cankarjev dom, hugging the conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh, who led the young people through a demanding programme on stage, as well as during all the preparations.


Debussy: Little Suite - Ballet
Kreslin - J. Golob, prir.: All Our Fairy Tales
Kreslin - J. Golob, arr.: With you it's a chance
Kreslin - J. Golob, prir.: The Bird
Kreslin - V. Sivilotti, Prir.: That Clockwork
Kreslin - V. Sivilotti, prir.: The River
Kreslin - J. Golob, prir.: If we ever met
Kreslin - J. Golob, prir.: Anything goes
Kreslin - J. Golob, arr.: Sing me a song

Slovenian National Youth Orchestra
Conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh



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