Vlado Kreslin & SMO

67th Ljubljana Festival

Križanke, Ljubljana

20 August 2019

The Event

At the invitation of Vlad Kreslin, #SMO performed at the traditional concert in Križanke as part of the Ljubljana Festival.#SMO opened the concert with a solo composition by Claude Debussy and continued with Kreslin's compositions in new guises. Composers Jani Golob (Slovenia) and Valter Sivilotti (Italy) have re-arranged the carefully selected songs of Vlad Kreslin especially for SMO as pieces for symphony orchestra with vocals.


Debussy: Little Suite - Ballet
Kreslin - J. Golob, prir.: All Our Fairy Tales
Kreslin - J. Golob, arr.: With you it's a chance
Kreslin - J. Golob, prir.: The Bird
Kreslin - V. Sivilotti, Prir.: That Clockwork
Kreslin - V. Sivilotti, prir.: The River
Kreslin - J. Golob, prir.: If we ever met
Kreslin - J. Golob, prir.: Anything goes
Kreslin - J. Golob, arr.: Sing me a song

Slovenian National Youth Orchestra
Conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh

The event was held under the honourable patronage of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr Marjan Šarc.


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