Petra Vidmar

Doc. Academy of Music


Petra Vidmar


Petra Vidmar started her musical education by learning piano in Novo mesto. After finishing lower music school piano, she decided to take up percussion, took it up enthusiastically and graduated in June 2012 with a special mention "Summa cum Laude". 

She is currently a professor of percussion at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and a soloist in the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. She also works with other orchestras such as the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the RTV Slovenia Big Band, the Ljubljana Opera and Ballet Orchestra, the Slovenian Army Orchestra, the Police Orchestra, and many others.
She has attended seminars and summer schools with world renowned percussionists such as Nebojša Jovan Živković, Ivana Bilić, Katarzyna Mycka, Eriko Daimo, Eric Sammut, Svet Stoyanov, Raymond Curfs, Rainer Roemer, etc....  

As a soloist she has performed with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, the Police Orchestra, the Ljubljana Academy of Music Wind Orchestra, the Ljubljana Opera and Ballet Orchestra, the Krka Wind Orchestra and the Camerata Medica Orchestra. 

He regularly records for the archives of RTV Slovenia, and also participates in recording music for films (Šiška deLuxe, Košarkar naj bo 2) and theatre (Jure in Jaka - LGL, Lau(f)story - APT, Romeo and Juliet - SLG Celje). 

Her most notable projects include Hear the colours (2014, bringing together young Slovenian painters and musicians, and public auction of paintings), Lenora (2015, cycle of 5 concerts as part of Autumn Serenades, interweaving poetry and music together with Dejan Pevčević), The rhythm of life(2015, music for percussion without percussion) and 4 (2018, 4 percussionists, 4 tracks, 4 sticks - linked to a 4-part story). 

She is active as a chamber musician - in the duo XyloCorda with Izidor Erazm Grafenauer (guitar and historical strings) or with Larissa Marjanovič (duo Nox - saxophone and percussion) and as a member of the ensemble Tetrakis (quartet of percussionists - Katarina Kukovič, Vito Opeka, Matevž Bajde and Petra Vidmar). 

He regularly collaborates with excellent Slovenian musicians such as Silence, Janez Dovč, Boštjan Gombač, Kristijan and Lojze Krajnčan, Blaž Celarec, Metod Banko, etc.