Summer Orchestra Camp 2023



August 2023

The Event

Our Summer Orchestra Camp (POK) laid the foundations for young musicians and welcomed 97 talented individuals aged 12 to 22. Thanks to the generous support of Krka d.d. and Sava Re, d.d., young Slovenian musicians from flood-affected areas and children from Ukraine who have found refuge in Slovenia were able to join the camp free of charge.
Their participation enriched our cultural tapestry, and together they formed the Slovenian Youth Orchestra (SMO). The highlight of the week was a stunning concert on the big stage of the Križanke in Ljubljana, featuring world-renowned artist Ute Lemper.

Mentors for musical activities #POK:
Dejan Gregorič - violin
Janez Podlesek - violin
Maja Rome - viola
Sebastian Bertoncelj - violoncello
Stefan Jovanovic - double-bass
Ema Bajc - flute
Peter Lacković - oboe
Matic Kuder - clarinet
Paolo Calligaris - bassoon
Sarah Akif - French Horn
Jure Gradisnik - trumpet
Andrej Karba - trombone
Matjaž Drevenšek - saxophone
Petra Vidmar - percussion

Mentors for classroom content #POK:
Kristina Oberžan - (Jazz singer) - singing
Goran Krmac - musical improvisation
Urška Strehar Benčina - theatre improvisation
Urša Kupnik - body rhythm

All activities #POK

Musicians on stage: 97
Mentors for instrumental groups with conductor: 15
Accompanying persons: 2
Creative Workshop Mentors: 5

Total hours: 48
Sectional rehearsals: 9 hours
Creative workshops: 9 hours
Tutti rehearsals: 24 hours
General rehearsal, sound check and concert: 6 hours

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