The ALARM concert brought together the seemingly incompatible

13/06/2022 Ziva Ploj

Rapper Masayah, conductor Ziva Ploi Peršuh, the Music for the Future Symphony Orchestra, comprising members of the Slovenian Youth Orchestra and young Ukrainian musicians, and other guests brought together the seemingly incompatible on the Križany stage on Tuesday, 7 June 2022. Classical music, rap, original rhythms, covers, poetry and lyrics elevated young people as harbingers of change for a healthy nature and society, and a decision that each individual must first make for themselves.

Open your eyes and speak up, we were told by the messengers of the young generation, rappers Masayah, Emkej, Drill, Slick, Vazz, N3, Matter Dacho, Tunja, Žena, La Bagra, Smirbe, Chiro, Ghet, Zlatko, Hyu, who have updated, thematised, and reinterpreted the poems of our poetic giants Prešeren, Župančič, Zajc, Šalamun and others, collected in a book of Slovenian rebel poetry and a new album H2SO4.

They shared the stage with the musicians of the Music for the future orchestra and conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh, violin soloist Maja Horvat and Dr Igor Saksida. Their common voice was the spirit of the times, the voice of the future, the hope and the heart offered.