04/01/2024 Juliana Széchenyi

Auditions for the Slovenian Youth Orchestra in season 2024 are now open. The deadline for applications is 20 January 2024.

The Slovenian Youth Orchestra is open to musicians aged between 16 and 26 who are studying music in Slovenia, students of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and students of the Slovenian Conservatoires of Music and Ballet.

We also invite Slovene musicians studying at music academies, colleges, and conservatoires abroad, as well as Slovenes living abroad.

Why join the Slovenian Youth Orchestra?

  1. Community and development: Youth orchestras create a community in which young musicians can progress very quickly. Whether you are in solo or tutti positions, the experience of being in a youth orchestra has a positive impact on socialisation in a musical environment and on personal development.
  2. Show your potential: The Slovenian Youth Orchestra (SMO) encourages young musicians to develop their potential as performers and productive collaborators in the team spirit of the orchestra. SMO members develop important skills such as self-discipline, motivation, responsibility, dedication in developing their musical talent, while being part of the orchestra increases self-confidence and the ability to communicate respectfully and effectively with peers and other musicians.
  3. The greatest musical adventure: Playing in the Slovenian Youth Orchestra is the greatest musical adventure a teenager can have by making music together. You will experience an upswing in your musical development, perform on renowned stages, learn new musical ideas and become an inspiring pioneer for other young people.
  4. At the heart of the community: SMO is the heart of our community. Every year, more than 100 teenagers from different regions of Slovenia come together through their love of music, ready to take on new challenges and push their limits, discover new skills and conquer stages as pioneers of inspiration for their own and younger generations.
  5. A year-long adventure: Every moment is an opportunity to be inspired by the extraordinary people around you. At the same time, as a role model and leader, you are also inspiring others, promoting solidarity and humanity through music, and enriching your musical environment.

Musicians in SMO take their place for one year, from January to December. This is more than 40 days of live activity, mostly during school holidays and some weekends. Join us and become part of this first-class musical story.