The #SMO is a project of cooperation, enthusiasm and a vision for the future that unites the whole of Slovenia. It gives our most promising musicians, aged 12 to 22, the chance to perform at their best and build musical, cultural and social bridges with drive, determination, courage and will.

Every summer we invite new members to join the orchestra. During a multi-day residency with leading professional orchestral musicians, these outstanding young participants prepare a programme and present it in concerts while acting as dynamic musical ambassadors.

We have established the Slovenian Youth Orchestra 2019 in cooperation with international and local partners to become an important cultural representative to stand alongside the main youth orchestras of most EU countries and the whole world, which have been active for decades. The previous national and international collaborations have shown that we are on the right track.


The orchestra is dedicated to socialising and making music, to enthusiasm for the art of music and the arts in general, to making friends and to progressing in life.
It is a place and time where young people can fully express their talents while learning about the diversity of musical and personal paths. In the orchestra, young people build musical, cultural and social bridges with drive, determination, courage and will.


We promote the development of the personality and skills of individuals through a sustainable programme at the highest level and in collaboration with renowned experts in various musical (and other artistic) fields. At the same time, we strengthen and appeal to their sense of responsibility and their attitude towards society, solidarity and humanity. We want young people to become more aware and caring towards national values as well as other cultures, countries and individuals.


The effective long-term implementation of the Slovenian National Youth Orchestra project opens up unparalleled opportunities for representing and showcasing the enormous cultural potential of our country. The main participants are the young people who will shape and enrich our country tomorrow. Our young performers, the future artistic elite, will set themselves the highest challenges in the orchestra and put themselves on the map of Europe.


Thank you!