From 16. to 26. August 2022

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Summer Orchestra Camp is all about socialising and making music, being inspired by the art of music and art in general. It’s about making friends and creating an environment that encourages progress. It is a place where young people can fully express their talents and learn to expand their musical and personal journey.

A large group of talented young musicians learn to form a large symphony orchestra in just one week. The symphony orchestra’s programme is diverse. A range of cross-genre guests are invited to broaden horizons in our musical landscape and explore the possibilities in the nuances of musical paths. The classical repertoire of Slovenian and foreign composers will not be neglected.
Participants take part in an intensive music programme with section rehearsals, group rehearsals, chamber music, orchestra rehearsals and, of course, rehearsals with soloists. The rehearsals are led by renowned musicians and former participants of our international activities.
Participants also take part in artistic workshops, e.g. learning circus skills for better concentration, theatre improvisation workshop for a relaxed and confident performance, a workshop for free expression and body control, dance workshop for a strong presence and self-confidence, music workshop for basic improvisation, art workshops to enhance creativity.


#POK encourages self-initiative and transfers the skills of experienced young musicians to other young musicians. One of the main goals of inspiration is to learn how to take responsibility. It is a cue to develop team spirit, encouraging the young participants to become confident future leading voices of their generation.

The art workshops in collaboration with Pioneer Home – Centre for Youth Culture and inspiring individuals are hosted by educators, animators or professional staff. Each participant chooses their favourite when registering. The content of the workshops is designed to improve your musical knowledge and journey, broaden your horizons and boost your confidence.

We work to the professional standards of such an ensemble and aim high to record the programme perfectly and perform on the most prestigious stages in Slovenia. Being part of such an orchestra is truly a unique experience.



This year we present a programme with the musical and art-loving Krajnčan family. With parents Lojze and Romana being esteemed musicians who have been co-creating the Slovenian musical landscape for decades, it is inspiring to follow the paths of their sons Kristijan and Žigan. Both of them have been kneading music in many directions, creating it, recreating it with all their senses and movement, and intertwining it with other genres and arts.

All members of the family are collaborators and co-authors. At the same time, they allow themselves and each other freedom in their artistic articulation. They are inspiring each other as artists in their own right.

Alongside a programme featuring all the members of this artistic family, we will also discover and play works by the English composer Gustav Holst, a selection from the orchestral suite Planets, Op. 32, and a piece by the Mexican composer Arturo Marquez, Danzon No. 2.


Romana Krajnčan

Lead Vocalist

Romana Krajnčan has been in music from a young age. She first got noticed as lead singer with popular Slovenian bands. In 1989 she recorded her first cassette for children, Romana and Bolhobend. This was followed by 15 more cassettes and CDs, seven musicals and many musical dance performances. Over the years, she has become synonymous as a singer of original songs for children.

She has published the books Murenčki, Mišek Miško and Belamiška as well as the volume Sing with Me for children’s and youth choirs with Astrum publishing house.

For five years she was editor of the music pages of Ciciban magazine. For ten years she hosted the children’s programme “On the Carousel with Romana” on Radio Kranj. She has collaborated with various renowned Slovenian poets such as Tone Pavček, Andrej Rozman Roza, Feri Lainšček, Barbara Gregorič, Bina Štampe Žmavc, Zvezdana Majhen, Ksenija Šoster Olmer, Kajetan Kovič and others.

She also collaborates with a number of excellent musicians and various choirs. Her picture book with poems by Feri Lainšček and illustrations by Maša Kozjek was published in October 2010, accompanied by a CD. The poems were set to music by Lojze Krajnčan and all sung by her. Recently, she has been focusing mainly on chansons. She has recorded three albums of original chansons: Something is in the Air (2004), Smell of Love (2008) and Missing, Missing (2011).

Her concerts and performances for children are usually sold out and her new creations are highly anticipated. Her latest show, entitled In the Backyard, is also highly acclaimed. Her work has been awarded several times.


Kristijan Krajnčan

Cello player & music researcher

Kristijan Krajnčan (Slovenia, 1986) was born in a family of musicians and started playing classical cello at five and jazz drums at the age of ten. After he finished Music High School on both instruments he moved to The Netherlands, where he graduated jazz drums at the Prince Claus Conservatory (Groningen, 2009) and obtained Masters in Composing for Film at the Amsterdam Conservatory (Amsterdam, 2013).

As a drummer and cellist he is featured on 26 records and has performed in more than 25 countries in Europe, USA, Asia, Indonesia, Middle-East and Africa. As a film-music composer he scored three features and nine short films.

He has received several international awards in all fields of his work. Most notable include:

1st Prize jury award “Jazzon” for best Slovenian jazz composition (Slovenia, 2006), Best Screenplay Award at Arab Film Festival (Rotterdam, 2016), Best Director Award at Festival of Slovenian Independent Film (Slovenia, 2006), 1st Prize of National Competition for classical musicians of Slovenia (1997 and 2003), Semi-finalist of Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition for Drums (Washington, 2012), Finalist of the Dutch Jazz Competition (Netherlands, 2008), Participant in “Dave Douglas Workshop: Creative Composition and Improvisation” at Carnegie Hall (New York, 2010).

His debut album as a leader “Kristijan Krajnčan Ensemble: Siberian Bear” was released in June 2012 on Edict Records, featuring Ambrose Akinmusire and Jimmy Greene.

He is a founder of interdisciplinary project “Hidden Myth”, a collaboration of several international artists, in which they connect music, dance, poetry, visuals, film, and the world of mythology into a united story.


Lojze Krajnčan

Trombonist, Arranger and Composer

Lojze Krajnčan, Trombonist, Arranger and Composer comes from a musical family, his father was the headmaster of a music school and conductor of the Ormož wind orchestra. At an early age, he joined the orchestra on the euphonium, later played the trombone, and it was his father who was his first teacher. He studied piano with his mother. He enrolled at the secondary music school in Ljubljana under Professor D. Miškovič. As a young talented trombonist, he was noticed and invited to participate by the then conductor of the RTV Ljubljana Big Band, Jože Privšek. He continued his studies at the University of Music and Related Arts in Graz, Austria, and later at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. In addition to trombone, he also studied composition and arranging.

After returning from America, he spent his first year as principal trombonist in the RTV Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra and later as a trombonist soloist in the RTV Ljubljana Big Band. In the Jazz Brass ensemble – a brass quintet – he gained a lot of experience as a jazz trombonist, arranger, composer and artistic director.

He has worked with world-renowned musicians such as Ack van Royen, Toots Tielemans, Nils Osterd P., Martin Drew, Jonny Griefin, Clarke Terry, Duško Gojković, Boško Petrović, Bobby Show, Mads Vinding, Mike Stern, James Carter, New York Voices, Alex Sipiagin.

He has collaborated with numerous local and foreign orchestras such as the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, RTV Slovenia Repertory Orchestra, RTV Slovenia Big Band, HRT Big Band, Slovenian Police Orchestra, Slovenian Brass Quintet, Slovenian Philharmonic Brass Ensemble and others. Since 1993 he is conductor of the Big Band RTV Slovenia.

He has recorded successful albums as an author, arranger and conductor with guitarist Primož Grašič, multi-instrumentalist Boštjan Gombač, pianist Mark Črnčec, drummer and cellist Kristijan Krajnčan, guitarist Teo Collori, singer Uroš Perič, singers Alenka Godec, Anika Horvat, Ana Bezjak and many others.


Žigan Krajnčan

Dancer, performer and singer

Žigan Krajnčan (1995) is a dancer, performer and singer. He started his creative career at a very early age, playing the violin and trombone, singing in a choir, and being active as an actor and dancer since his primary school days. He wanted to continue his education at the Secondary School of Contemporary Dance, where he successfully passed the audition, although he did not have much dance background.

His movement expression is a fusion of dance techniques such as popping, hip hop, ballet, release, Cunningham, krump, house, contact improvisation, moshing/slamdancing, yoga. He is constantly refining and improving, looking for new possibilities.

Despite his young age, he has collaborated with many Slovenian choreographers and other artists such as Matija Ferlin, Maja Delak, Gregor Luštek, Branko Potočan, Gramatik, Matjaž Pograjc, Miha Hočevar, Ivana Djilas, Matjaž Farič, Jurij Zrnec, Uroš Smolej, Gašper Tič, and Ivan Mijačevič. With his brother Kristijan Krajnčan, he co-created the interdisciplinary project Hidden Myth.

His professional career is at full speed. Žigan directed several performances, choreographed over ten theatre, contemporary and urban dance works, participated as a dancer/movement artist in several international productions and taught hip-hop, popping and contact communication. Creatively spread all around the globe, he develops the idea of integral creation, always emphasizing the expansion, fusion, pushing genre and style boundaries.

Recently, he has been working on an exciting fusion of dance, singing and beatboxing. As a choreographer of his performances, he writes songs and directs. He has been motivating his target audience to be creative and explorative. He wants to encourage parents to understand and support their children’s desire to be creative.



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