Music For The Future is announcing a one-year residency programme in Slovenia that enables to embrace the collective in the form of a chamber orchestra.

The artists participating in the residency programme will build bridges between countries and cultures, contributing to cultural diversity. At the same time, they will create opportunities, giving insight into the cultural background of each participating artist’s own background. Consequently, artistic and cultural exchange and cooperation through the residency programme can increase understanding between countries and cultures. We see the residency as an invaluable adjunct to short-term cultural exchanges, as they permit artists to relocate to a safe environment and develop a deeper understanding of their host societies and cultures. All of this is particularly vital in times of political and economic tension and when public opinion and attitudes across Europe are exhibiting signs of cultural intolerance.

About Emergency residency

The residency programme provides opportunities for emerging Ukrainian musicians who have completed their music education to stay musically active for the duration of the residency (12 months) in Slovenia. Musicians participating in the residency will be active members of the chamber orchestra, for which the project will prepare and perform at least 10 programmes for different concert occasions. One monthly programme consists of a two-week rehearsals process with sectional and tutti rehearsals for 4 hours a day, followed by a concert week for which the chamber orchestra will perform and present the programmes to diverse audiences as well as creating opportunities to network with European musicians, soloists and conductors building opportunities for EU integration and for representing their Ukrainian heritage.

The positions are open for:

  • 6 first violins 
  • 6 second violins 
  • 5 violas 
  • 4 cellos 
  • 3 double basses 
  • 2 flutes 
  • 2 oboes 
  • 2 clarinets 
  • 2 bassoons 
  • 2 horns 
  • 2 trumpets 
  • 1 timpani 
  • 1 percussion 


Application steps

In addition to filling out the application form, please make sure that you follow the steps listed in the Video Requirements below.

Please, present yourself with three different pieces in the video submission (from Classic Period – Romantic Period – and a Composition of your personal choice).

The submitted video(s):  

  • cannot be longer than 15 minutes 
  • can be recorded by phone
  • should be as new as possible
  • one link per composition (3 links in total) or one link of a video recording with all 3 pieces
  • video(s) must include an introduction of yourself (preferably in English/German) and what will be performed:
      • your full name 
      • name of composer(s) 
      • name of the composition(s) 
  • when submitting the video(s), please make sure that your entire person and your instrument are fully visible  

Start of residency:

3 January 2023


1 year

Provided by Music For The Future:

  • Help with providing the documents and legal papers for temporary protection. 
  • Health insurance, money for housing, money for living (provided by the State of Slovenia). 
  • Organising accommodation possibilities for the whole duration of the project. 
  • Organising meals (on workdays). 
  • Organising musical activities (daily, weekly, monthly) and venues for practising. 
  • Organising additional instruments (on hire), music materials including the royalties. 
  • Organising necessary instrument repair (within our financial capacity and with donations). 
  • Organising transportation to and from different concert venues. 
  • Additional music and personal development coaching.
  • Working with different soloists and conductors. 
  • Organising possibilities to expand the orchestra and play side-by-side projects. 
  • Organising English and Slovenian language lessons. 

General information

The residency is a one-year programme with orchestra activities starting from January 2023 until the end of January 2024.
The call is not an open audition and therefore it is published until all places of the chamber orchestra (and therefore consequently all places of the residency) are filled.
Accepted musicians should arrive in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 2 January 2023 until 5 January 2023.
The call is open to emerging Ukrainian musicians who have completed their music studies.
The call is open to musicians of all genders (male, female, else by personal declaration).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!