Kristina Oberžan



Kristina Oberžan

Jazz singer

Kristina holds a Master's degree in Jazz Singing from the Graz University of Jazz and has received numerous international awards and scholarships in the field of singing during her studies. In 2007, she released her first CD dedicated to Slovenian pop song, 'Kakor lep rom', on ZKP RTV, and won the award for best female performer at the Slovenian Pop Song Contest. In 2016 she released her second solo CD 'My Heart Knew'. In addition to her singing career, she also teaches singing and was a professor of jazz singing at the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and the St. Stanislav Institute in Ljubljana between 2008 and 2011.
From 2011 to 2017, she spent most of her time singing on tourist boats around the world and living in the UK. Kristina currently teaches singing in her singing and coaching studio in Ljubljana and also works as a Life Coach and NLP Coach.

Kristina Oberžan is best known in Slovenia as a top-quality singer and composer with a wealth of experience, skills, and an astonishing breadth and depth of musical knowledge. Kristina holds a Master's degree in Jazz Singing.

'Kristin's powerful voice and sensuous interpretations become a gift for the listener's heart. Her confidence and maturity, combined with her playful and innocent stage presence, create an enchanting and personal musical experience that will not be easily forgotten. Those who hear her for the first time are astonished; those who hear her again remain enchanted by her enviable multi-genre repertoire that reaches into the soul.'