24/08/2022 Juliana Széchenyi

Young musicians with members of the Krajnčan family

Young musicians, members of the Križanke Summer Theatre, will take to the stage on Thursday, 25 August, at 20.30. Slovenian Youth Orchestra with selected guests, musicians from Ukraine who came to us as refugees in March, when Russia militarily invaded Ukraine as members of the Youth Orchestra of Ukraine. They will present a varied programme, prepared in cooperation with the Krajnčan artistic family.

Youth orchestras - such as the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra in the international context - are designed to create dynamism in music, to inspire enthusiasm for the art of music and the arts in general, to forge bonds of friendship and to advance young musicians. Also in Slovenia since 2019 Slovenian Youth Orchestra, involving young people aged between 12 and 22. Under the artistic direction of the founder conductor Live Ploj Peršuh is SMO performed at the International Orchestral Marathon of national youth orchestras from around the world, and was one of 14 orchestras to perform at the high-profile Glasgow Climate Conference (COP26) as part of the international initiative Vivaldi: (Uncertain) Four Seasons, we performed an algorithmically modified Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi. Each year, a variety of programmes are presented during a multi-day summer residency (POK - summer orchestral camp), led by leading professional orchestral musicians, and performed publicly after the meeting. This year's programme will feature members of the Krajnčan artistic family, and will also include works by the English composer Gustavo Holst and the Mexican composer Artur Márquez.

This was announced at a press conference in the Knights' Hall of the Križany Crossing at the presentation of the orchestra and the programme. The conductor, artistic director and founder of the Orchestra, Ms. Slovenian Youth Orchestra Živa Ploj Peršuh, vocalist Romana Krajnčan, cellist and drummer Kristijan Krajnčan and vocalist and dancer Žigan Krajnčan, later came composer, arranger and conductor Lojze Krajnčan.

Slovenian Youth Orchestra under the artistic direction of its founder and conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh, otherwise conductor SNG Ljubljana Opera and Ballet with a wide opera and symphony repertoire, which is also happy to lead projects of different genres. Many of her projects are aimed at raising the profile of Slovenia, as well as the participation of young people from all over the world in Slovenia. She collaborates with world-famous soloists and many foreign institutions in the framework of the project EU Music up close network: the Accademia Nazionale Santa Cecilia in Rome, national orchestras from Lille, Amsterdam, Barcelona, the Belgrade and Sarajevo Philharmonics, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Ljubljana Festival and others. She believes that it is important to pass on artistic knowledge and skills to young people, especially in the field of classical music of all periods and genres, and therefore gathers around her the most capable and renowned musicians from Slovenia and all over the world and brings them to Ljubljana. She is also the founder and artistic director of Ljubljana International Orchestra and the Triple Bridge European Career Centre for Artists.

Živa Ploj Peršuh gave a detailed presentation of the 75-member Slovenian Youth Orchestra, who will be joined by some Ukrainian musicians. Every year they have a special programme with a strong emphasis on Slovenian music, so this year the main focus will be on the members of the Krajnčan Slovenian musical family, all four of them, who will present music in all its parameters, as the conductor said. As composer, arranger, singer, cellist, dancer...

Gustav Holst: Selection from the Planets Suite, Op. 32
Jupiter - Bringer of Joy
Saturn - the Bringer of Old Age
Romana Kranjčan, vocal:
Missing, Missing (Brina Štampe Žmavc/ Lojze Krajnčan/ Lojze Krajnčan)
Love (Feri Lainšček/ Lojze Krajnčan/ Lojze Krajnčan)
The Fierce Ant (Branko Rudolf/ Marjan Vodopivec/ Lojze Krajnčan)
I was happy today (Feri Lainšček/ Lojze Krajnčan/ Lojze Krajnčan)
Lojze Krajnčan - Tango (soloist Kristijan Krajnčan)
Slovenian Folk Arranged by Lojz Krajnčan - Zeleni Jurij


Medium: Kritik.si
Date: 24 Aug 2022
Link: Young musicians with members of the Krajnčan family