Academic musicians of the Police Orchestra create a wonderful pre-Christmas atmosphere with a concert in the Gallus Hall

08/03/2022 Juliana Széchenyi


The Police Orchestra, under the baton of conductor Nejc Bečan, played another in a series of concerts and received a roaring applause from the audience, who were delighted by the varied repertoire of pieces chosen for this time of year and occasion.

The musicians of the Police Orchestra were joined by young Ukrainian musicians who were evacuated to Slovenia at the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, as part of the Music for the Future project under the direction of conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh. While some of them have already returned to their home country, a few have stayed behind and are continuing their musical education in Slovenia, including three clarinettists, a flutist, a bassoonist, a trumpeter and a saxophonist. During this time, members of the Police Orchestra also joined them and, in a spirit of friendly cooperation that knows no boundaries, together they created a special chapter in the history of their musical creation.
The Police Orchestra is held in extremely high esteem by both the police ranks and the outside public. It has done a great deal for the Police, for its reputation and, above all, for its acceptance among the people. There is not a single celebratory event in the Police that goes by without it. Since 1948, our Police musicians have been an indispensable part of all social occasions in the Police. But our police orchestra is also the State Protocol Orchestra, accompanying practically every top State event, celebration or visit of high-ranking foreign dignitaries. We are proud of them, of their quality, their achievements, their humanitarian work, and the fact that they are even indispensable operational support in the field when necessary.