23/02/2023 Juliana Széchenyi

Documentary about young Ukrainian musicians

In March last year, shortly after the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Slovenian Youth Orchestra responded to the call of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and brought young musicians and their families to Slovenia through joint cooperation and the cooperation of Slovenian institutions. Their story is told in the documentary.

Music for the Future recorded RTV Slovenia.

The documentary was directed by Dušan Moravec from a script by Monika Rijavec and produced by Jani Kovačič. As the screenwriter said after the preview at the Kinodvor, it was one of the most beautiful, but at the same time one of her most difficult projects to date, especially because of the awareness of how quickly things can change. At the same time, she expressed her satisfaction at having been able to document the action with which her protagonists, Živa Ploj Peršuh and Tomo Peršuh, the driving forces behind Music for the Future , offered hope to young musicians and enabled them to live as normal a life as possible in Slovenia, in the face of the war situation in their home country. As Moravec added, the idea from the beginning was to accompany the film with as much music as possible. The film thus shows how the young Ukrainian musicians were still working in their country in autumn 2021, but by February of the following year they were faced with a different reality.

In March 2022, 95 young people were brought to Slovenia with the help of diplomacy, and when Slovenian musicians responded to the call for help, they were given the opportunity to continue their education and to learn the Slovenian language. In the film, the young people share their impressions of what happened, as well as what music means to them. As the film goes on to show, 97 young people eventually stayed in Slovenia with their close relatives to receive their education.

Živa Ploj Peršuh described the film as an embrace of what happened during the action, but she also pointed out that the mission of national television is to disseminate people's stories. The film will be screened on Tuesday 28 February in the evening on Channel 1 TV Slovenia.

The young Ukrainian musicians were still active in their country in autumn 2021, but as of February the following year, they were faced with a different reality.

Medium: Dnevnik.si
Date: Thu 23 Feb 2023
Link: Documentary about young Ukrainian musicians