04/10/2023 Juliana Széchenyi

Music offers hope for the future

The official programme of the Portorož Film Festival started today with the morning screening of Music for the Future. Idrija's Monika Rijavec and Dušan Moravec played key roles in the making of this documentary.

Music for the Future is produced by RTV Slovenia. The scriptwriter Monika Rijavec wove into it the stories of young Ukrainian musicians who managed to flee to Slovenia during the first days of the war. The moving stories of the young artists are complemented by descriptions of the perilous journey to Ljubljana, where they received a warm welcome. The film also features Živa Ploj Peršuh , conductor and artistic director, who, upon seeing the tragic fates, immediately responded and, with the help of the Foundation, organised the rescue of 124 young musicians. Most of them are still living in Slovenia today and are involved in education at various levels.

The film has already premiered on the regular programme TV Slovenia , and on the occasion of the recent visit of the Youth Symphony Orchestra to the Film Theatre in Idrija . The film, which has been selected by the festival selector for the Panorama screening programme, is out of competition for the main festival prizes. The team members did not attend the screening in Portorož.

Medium: Idrija.com
Date: 04 Oct 2023
Link: Music offers hope for the future