SAMO1PLANET @ Festival Days of Poetry and Wine

Poetry and Wine Days 2021

City Market, Ptuj

25 August 2021

The Event

The Slovenian Youth Orchestra is also a proud ambassador of the Samo1planet initiative, which is part of the Care4Climate project, a consortium of prominent Slovenian institutions and ministries that aims to contribute to preserving the planet by raising awareness and changing our habits. Keeping the planet green and healthy is another priority for young people. They are proud to support it and spread it with their voice.

The Slovenian Youth Orchestra, under the baton of Živa Ploj Peršuh and in an arrangement by Matija Krečič, in collaboration with this year's guests, the members of Katalena, revived the Slovenian musical heritage with a youthful fresh energy. It was Katalena's openness, boldness and space for playful improvisation that inspired the collaboration with the Slovenian National Youth Orchestra, which took place on a very special year. In 2021, Katalena celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The intertwining of poetry and music was successful again this year on the stage of the Ptuj City Market, where SMO presented its programme with guests, members of the Katalena group, as part of the Days of Poetry and Wine festival. To the compositions of Katalena in a symphonic guise by composer and arranger Matija Krečič, we added verses by poets Alen Bešić, Patrick Cotter, Mark Pogačar and Tom Vebro.


P. Janežič, witness. M. Krečič.
B. Narat, prir. M. Krečič: Crazy mushrooms
B. Narat, prir. M. Krečič: Defence
S. Ivančič/ Katalena, prir. M. Krečič: Inferno
T. Mihelič Syed, witness. M. Krečič.
B. Narat, prir. M. Krečič: The fields are cold
B. Narat, prir. M. Krečič: Pehta's Song
M. Kozina, B. Narat, P. Janežič, T. Mihelič Syed, approx. M. Krečič: Morning / Mojčina poem
Ljudska/Katalena, prir. M. Krečič: Križ kraž
T. Mihelič Syed, witness. M. Krečič: Enci benci
P. Janežič, witness. M. Krečič: Zvezda
Ljudska/Katalena, prir. M. Krečič: (I would like to have) Jabuko



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