Summer Orchestra Camp 2020


Ljubljana, Ptuj

August 2020

The Event

On the first three days, there were morning sectional rehearsals for the individual instrumental groups. They were led by thirteen professional musicians, members of Slovenian orchestras, teachers and soloists. In the afternoon, the participants met guest artists Dominik Bagolo, Jadranka Juras, Emke, Vasko Atanasovski and Urša Sterhar Benčina, learned the basics of musical and theatrical improvisation and discovered the different stages of their career paths in various musical genres. In an additional workshop, participants were introduced to the Samo1planet and Care4climate project, which will accompany them in future editions of the camp. We have Samo1planet!", is the slogan of the 8-year long project, where stakeholders are working towards an effective transition to a low-carbon society through various activities. One of the activations was a concert by the Slovenian Youth Orchestra (SMO) as part of the Ljubljana Festival.

The following days the orchestra rehearsed together with the soloists. The chosen programme was demanding and a great challenge for all the instrumental groups. It consisted of works of predominantly Slovenian creativity, but also included lesser-known works by Carl Nielsen and Lars-Erik Larsson, as well as popular excerpts from Georges Bizet's Arlezanka Suite and Dmitri Shostakovich's Jazz Suite No.1, the jazz standard The man I love by the brothers Ira and George Gershwin, Mark Ronson's popular hit Uptown funk, and the Slovenian legendary carousel song by Jureto Robežnik. Alongside the classical masterpieces, the main part of the programme was dedicated to singer-songwriter Dominic Bagola - Balladero. His ballads and dance tunes were the starting point for this year's musical carousel. In addition to Balladero's hits, we also performed the music of Maribor rapper Emke in masterful symphonic arrangements by Matija Krečič, and invited mezzo-soprano and jazz singer Jadranka Juras to duet with Balladero.



L. E. Larsson: Prelude from the lyric suite God in Disguise, Op. 24
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: I am still alive
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: Perfect View
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: Le bdi
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: Carry me
C. Nielsen: Rhapsodic Overture, Imaginary Journey to the Faroe Islands
G. and I. Gershwin, prir. M. Krečič: The Man I Love
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: If
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: Ragged in
Bizet: Suite Arlezanne, excerpt
Shostakovich: Waltz No. 2, Op. 99
Emkej, prir. M. Krečič: You know what you could do
Emkej and D. Bagola, witnesses. M. Krečič: Dabidabi
D. Bagola, prir. M. Krečič: The Golden Times
J. Robežnik, G. Strniša, doc. M. Krečič: Carousel
M. Ronson, prir. T. Kukovič: Uptown Funk

Slovenian National Youth Orchestra
Dominik Bagola - Balladero - vocal
Jadranka Juras - vocal
Emkej - vocal
Conductor Živa Ploj Peršuh

CONCERTS 26 August 2020, Ptuj City Market and 29 August 2020, Ljubljana Congress Square



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Akif Sarah

French Horn




Matjaž Porovne

Compare Matjaž



Atanasovski Vasko

Musician, composer

Jure Gradišnik

Gradišnik Jure


Urša Strehar Benčina

Strehar Benčina Urša


Dominik Bagola

Bagola Dominik



Jerici Katarina


Žan Tkalec

Žan the Weaver



Drevenšek Matjaž




Workshop photos

Performance in Ptuj, Days of Poetry and Wine

Performance in Ljubljana, Festival Ljubljana

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