SMO and Krajnčan Family @ Ljubljana Festival Križanke

25. 8. 2022

The Event

Our programme in August 2022 with the music and art-infused Krajnčan family.
With their parents Lojze and Romana being respected musicians who have been co-creating the Slovenian musical landscape for decades, it is extremely inspiring to follow the paths of their sons Kristijan and Žigan. Both of them have been kneading music in many directions, creating it, recreating it with all their senses and movement, and intertwining it with other genres and arts. All members of the family are collaborators and co-authors. At the same time, they allow themselves and each other freedom in their own artistic language, while inspiring each other as artists in their own right.

Alongside a programme that showcased all the members of this artistic family, we also prepared and played works by the English composer Gustav Holst, a selection from the orchestral suite The Planets, op.32, and a piece by the Mexican composer Arturo Márquez, Danzón No.2.


G. Holst: The Planets, op. 32 (selection)
Jupiter - the Bringer of Jollity
Saturn - the Bringer of Old Age
B. Štampe Žmavc / L. Krajnčan: Manjka mi, manjka
F. Lainšček / L. Krajnčan: Ljubezen
B. Rudolf / M. Vodopivec / L. Krajnčan: Huda mravljica
F. Lainšček / L. Krajnčan: Bila sem srečna danes
L. Krajnčan: Tango
Slov. ljudska, arr. L. Krajnčan: Zeleni Jurij
L. Krajnčan: Requiem
J. S. Bach, arr. L. Krajnčan: Brandenburg Concerto No 3 in G major, BWV 1048
Ž. Krajnčan, arr. L. Krajnčan: Oma Desala
Ž. Krajnčan, arr. L. Krajnčan: Sunlight reggae
A. Márquez Navarro: Danzón No 2


Žigan Krajnčan – vocals and movement
Kristijan Krajnčan – violoncello and percussion
Romana Krajnčan – vocals
Lojze Krajnčan – arrangements
Živa Ploj Peršuh - conductor

The participants were young Ukrainian musicians who are in Slovenia because of the emergency situation or war and who have the status of protected persons in Slovenia.

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