13/05/2024 Juliana Széchenyi

KLASIČNI ARTAČ: With Cello and Humour to the Classics

Tilen Artač, a grandmaster of transformation and imitation, and above all an academically trained musician, enters a field that has not yet suffered his intervention with his concert tour Klasični Artač (Classic Artač).

Tilen Artač, the versatile artist and host of the Slovenian Philharmonic podcast 1,2,3 ...bis!, will be presented with the ultimate challenge - in front of an orchestra - as part of a very special evening event, Klasični Artač . With cello and conductor's baton, he will take the audience on a walk through the evergreen repertoire of the eternal classics, while the Slovenian Youth Orchestra will enrich the evening with virtuosity and musical perfection.

"I am very much looking forward to performing with the Slovenian Youth Orchestra. I am at home in classical music, having been involved in it from an early age," said Tilen Artač, adding that concerts of this kind should be offered to audiences more often.
In the repertoire, you can expect classics such as the perennial New Year's Eve hit Radetzky's Coracle, A Little Night Music, Nessun dorma and many others on a comic journey through the musical repertoire. With a smile on his face, he added: "Of course, I expect the understanding and support of the orchestra. I hope that the young, talented musicians will not take me off the stage as a conductor after a few rehearsals. I am aware that I will not be Riccardo Muti, I will be Riccardo Malmuti." 

The orchestra will be led by conductor and founder Živa Ploj Peršuh, who emphasised that the main aim is to create a relaxed and cohesive concert experience. "We are extremely happy that everyone is inspired by this collaboration, because artists and musicians , especially young musicians of the Slovenian Youth Orchestra, should and must also think of their audience and music as a moment when it speaks to them powerfully, suggests to them, soothes them and excites them," she added.

The tour will start on 6 September at the Braslovče Cultural Centre and will continue in Laško, Lendava, Rogaška Slatina and Sežana. Tilen Artač and his 50-piece orchestra will also perform at the Slovenian Philharmonic, Maribor's Union Hall, Krško, Žalec and Velenje.

Tickets for all concerts on the tour are on sale from 13 May.

Media: Metropolitan.si
Authors: Editorial Board
Date: Mon 14 May 2024
Link: Tilen Artač, kot ga še niste vajeni: z violončelom in humorjem med glasbene klasike