Concert by young musicians from Ukraine for a better future for all

20/04/2022 Juliana Széchenyi

Medium: Studentska-org.si
Date: Wed 20 Apr 2022
Link: https://www.studentska-org.si/koncert-mladih-glasbenikov-iz-ukrajine-za-boljso-prihodnost-vseh/

On 11 May, children and young people from Ukraine who have sought safe shelter from the war in Slovenia will raise funds to help people from Ukraine in the way that is closest to their hearts: through music, with a concert at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. In the art-donation project Music for the future young musical talents from Ukraine are brought together with young musicians from Slovenia under the auspices of the Slovenian Youth Orchestra, and on this occasion they joined forces with UNICEF Slovenia.

One bag, one phone and their most precious possession - the instrument that holds their whole life and their dreams. With these possessions, young musical talents set out from Ukraine and found a safe haven in Slovenia. The experience of being a child on the run can dehumanise many, so the children (the youngest is 7 years old) and young people from Ukraine are finding support and strength in music and continuing their mission. In doing so, they seek to develop their talents, overcome the trauma of war and help create a better future for themselves and others.

On 11 May, musical talents from Ukraine will join young musicians from Slovenia under the auspices of the Slovenian Youth Orchestra and united in an orchestra Music for the future performed at Cankarjev dom. Before, during and after the event, in cooperation with UNICE Slovenia, donations will be collected to help the participating musicians and their families from Ukraine, as well as to support UNICEF's programmes for children and families in Ukraine.

"Art is a perspective, a glowing light at its core, full of values and principles of humanity. Young people with a mission and a chosen life path as an artist, as a professional musician, feel a lot of pressure and despair at the moment, because they don't know how they will be without it, or when and if they will feel its unifying power again. On the run from the war, they travel with what they can take with them at the moment they decide to leave their homes. All their life and sense of aliveness is stored in their instrument," she said. Živa Ploj Peršuh, conductor and artistic director Slovenian Youth Orchestra.

The concert event, as it is planned to take place at Cankarjev dom, is a demonstration and proof of the desire of children and young people from Ukraine to integrate in a new environment. Through music, interpersonal bonds and solidarity are strengthened, it is shown that it is possible to co-create and understand each other. The children and young people on stage will also benefit from the invaluable support of soloist Gidon Kremer, a 75-year-old Grammy Award-winning violinist who is at the very top of the art and music world. And the support of the audience means to each of them that they are being watched, listened to and heard not only as young artists, but as human beings.

"No child should have to experience war. The trauma children experience in crisis hotspots can scar them forever. It is up to all of us to help them; first with emergency assistance on the ground, but in the long term with the opportunity to get back on their feet and build a better life. These children had to leave behind everything they knew overnight. Project Music for the future empowers them to actively co-create their future, to continue their mission and to use their talents to help themselves and others to a better future," said Tomaž Bergoč, Executive Director of UNICEF Slovenia.

UNICEF has a long history of helping children and families in Ukraine, where UNICEF field workers report that in decades of humanitarian work they have rarely seen so much destruction in such a short space of time. Desperate families are forced to do the unthinkable to provide food, water, medical care and security for their children.

"Unfortunately, we have no hope that this nightmare will end in the next few days, so I feel we have to take care of these young people. We are working so that with our knowledge and experience we can help them to stay upright, strong, unwavering. We have to do everything we can to keep them hopeful, keep the light in their eyes, keep their dreams, keep them unburdened. These are young people, and we must give them a perspective and a future. Even if they no longer have a home at the moment, they have a life and that must continue. Even if it is in another location," she added. Živa Ploj Peršuh.

"Thanks to the unwavering will of the young musicians from Ukraine to live and create, and with the support of the lovers of top classical music and donors from Slovenia, we hope that many families from Ukraine will remember the painful days they are experiencing also through their solidarity," said Tomaž Bergoč.

Tickets for the concert on 11 May at the Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana are on sale here.