04/06/2022 Juliana Széchenyi

ALARM / H2SO4 Concert for Climate and Social Justice in Križanke 

The Ljubljana Festival and the Slovenian Youth Orchestra are organising a very special Concert for Climate and Social Justice, which will take place at the Križanke Summer Theatre on Tuesday, 7 June at 9 pm. The title of the concert is ALARM / H2SO4.

The concert on the renovated magical stage of Križanke will be performed by the Music for the future Symphony Orchestra, conductor Živo Ploj Peršuh, soloist violinist Maja Horvat and rapper Masayah.

The concert will begin with a performance of Antonio Vivaldi's composition for string orchestra and percussion (Uncertainty) Four Seasons - Ljubljana 2050 and artificial intelligence algorithms. The rappers Emkej, Drill, Slick, Vazz will also perform, N3, Matter Dacho, Tunja, Žena, La Bagra, Smirbe, Chiro, Ghet in the company of the well-known announcer Ivan Lotric and Dr. Igor Sakside.

Who is Masayah? "Masayah is basically a combination of two words. The first word is Massai. When I was a little girl, I used to play with spears and shields from the Massai clans of Africa at home, and I loved their warrior lifestyle, their music and dance culture. The second word is Messiah, which is Slovenian for messiah, which is historically a more complex word, but actually represents a person who is a messenger or leader of a movement. So I combined my own idea of culture and message into one word, which is Masayah." (From Obalaplus)

In less than a year, Ziva Ploj Peršuh has felt all the changes brought about by the war in Ukraine. It is to her credit that she invited and helped to bring the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine to Slovenia, which is now working here, helping young musicians to study and perform. Recently, there was a well-publicised charity concert at Cankarjev dom, where the world-famous violinist Gidon Kremer was the guest performer.

"The concert was a unique experience. We managed to achieve a moment of coming together and bonding for young people. This orchestra of different people instantly became one passionate body, dedicated, full of love and listening to perform today's programme," said Živa Ploj Peršuh, conductor and artistic director of the Slovenian National Youth Orchestra. "I am very pleased with the level of the playing. Everyone tried very hard and enjoyed it. This is very satisfying and energising for me as a conductor and, at the moment, also as a kind of surrogate mother or leader. The last few days have been extremely difficult for the young musicians, also because of the news from abroad, but we have managed. The concert energised us all, as it is a demonstration of integration, bonding, community, family and love," she added.

Medium: Kritik.si
Date: 4 Jun 2022
Link: ALARM / H2SO4 Concert for Climate and Social Justice in Križanke