ALARM / H2SO4 Concert for Climate and Social Justice in Križanke 

01/06/2022 Ziva Ploj

The concert will be a powerful address to the audience, starting with a performance of Antonio Vivaldi's piece for string orchestra and percussion (Uncertain) Four Seasons - Ljubljana 2050 and artificial intelligence algorithms, as a direct sound picture of a heavily polluted environment and the uncertain future of nature. 

Open your eyes and speak up, so say the messengers of the younger generation with one of the most recognised artists on the Slovenian hip hop scene Masayah and rappers Emkej, Drill, Slick, Vazz, N3, Matter Dacho, Tunja, Žena, La Bagra, Smirbe, Chiro, Ghet. In their own style, they will activate, thematise, reinterpret the poems of our literary giants Prešeren, Župančič, Zajc, Šalamun and others, collected in the book of Slovenian rebel poetry and the album H2SO4. 

They will share the stage with musicians from the Music for the future symphony orchestra, violin soloist Maja Horvat and Dr Igor Saksida. Their combined voice is the spirit of the times, the voice of the future, the hope and the heart offered.