23/05/2022 Juliana Széchenyi

T-2 Life 2021 project

T-2 and Slojenčki at the Ljubljana Castle to mark the end of the charity project

Ljubljana, 23 May 2022: Society T-2 celebrated the end of last year's charity project with a closing event at Ljubljana Castle in May T-2 Loves Life, where it hosted representatives of 14 Slovenian maternity hospitals, the Slojenčki association and its business partners, whose support made its successful implementation possible. From last May to this April, the company's representatives T-2 visited all 14 Slovenian maternity hospitals and, in cooperation with the Slojenčki association, handed over a state-of-the-art newborn jaundice photopervice to each of them.

The total donation of €50,000 was made by the company T-2 added a special donation of €20,000, as with the help of their business partners, they were able to use the additional funds raised to provide maternity hospitals with additional equipment for improved newborn care. More than 100 guests gathered in Hribar Hall to watch the symbolic presentation of the two donations, the plaques to the event partners and the performance of musicians from the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine from Kiev. The ceremony, which also celebrated the company's jubilee T-2, which celebrated its 18th birthday on 11 May, was moderated by T-2-'s ambassador, the famous TV presenter Jože Robežnik. In a relaxed atmosphere, the guests were addressed by Gregor Štampohar, member of the company's management board T-2 Prof. Dr. Nataša Tul Mandić, MD, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, and Živa Ploj Peršuh, initiator of the Music for the Ukrain future project.


Presentation of plaques to the company's partners T-2, which were presented to the company representatives by Gregor Štampohar in appreciation for their participation in the project, followed by a presentation of this year's project T-2 Life 2022, which started with the arrival of young Ukrainian musicians in Slovenia and is held under the slogan Because we love life, together let's drown out war.

Company T-2 supports young Ukrainian musicians in preserving their cultural heritage and, together with its partners, helps raise funds to cover the costs of their accommodation, accommodation and basic necessities. Ziva Ploj Peršuh, Conductor SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana and the initiator of the Music for the Ukrain future project, informed the audience about the reasons for the evacuation of young musicians from Ukraine and their successful integration into Slovenian society. She pointed out that their organisation, as a long-standing promoter of orchestral academies and programmes for young musicians, has been providing them with ongoing musical activities and organising many events and concerts to help them cover the high costs of living in our country. The company T-2 was one of the first to recognise the need to support these young people and has supported them at numerous events, for which she is extremely grateful for such strong, determined and heartfelt support.

The ceremony ended with Gregor Štampohar's announcement that in the second half of the year the charity project will be T-2 Life 2022 society T-2 continued to support Slovenian families with children living on the margins of society, and did its best to help an organisation for children with special needs to integrate into society by purchasing computers and other telecommunications equipment.

Medium: Si21.com
Date: 23 May 2022
Link: T-2 Life 2021 project