07/05/2022 Juliana Széchenyi

Young musicians of Ukraine - music means a lot to them in these difficult times

As part of Arsana's spring concert series Classical Masters, the young musicians of Ukraine, the String Orchestra of Ukraine, performed on 22 April in the Ceremonial Hall of Ptuj Castle. Music for the future, soloists Olena Tsybal (piano) and Ilona Pavlyk under the baton of Olga Homa.

All proceeds from the charity concert were donated to the members of the Ukrainian Youth Orchestra, who are travelling with what they can take with them as they flee the plague. That is very little: a bag, a phone, money and their most valuable possession - an instrument. "V all their life and sense of aliveness is stored in this piece. May the music keep them upright, strong, steadfast, keep their hope, the sparkle in their eyes and their dreams. Let us help them" are the words of all those who want to help them in these difficult and very sad moments, to make their lives a little bit easier. Most of them have come alone, some with their mothers, sisters and brothers. The young musicians are in daily contact with the family members who stayed at home. This means a great deal to them. Their greatest wish is to be able to return home as soon as possible, so that this unthinkable nightmare can end as soon as possible.

Slovenian Youth Orchestra organised the evacuation of young Ukrainian musicians with the support of MO Ljubljana, Perutnina Ptuj and Ministry of Foreign Affairs RS. They were accommodated in two youth hotels in Ljubljana, provided with training, education and other activities, assistance and all the other help they needed to feel safe and wanted.

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Authors Majda Goznik
Date: 7 May 2022
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