Registration for the 2023 Summer Orchestra Camp is now open

26/05/2023 Ziva Ploj

This August, the Slovenian Youth Orchestra will once again organise the Summer Orchestra Camp (SOC) for young musicians from the age of 12. The POK is designed to inspire enthusiasm for music, socialise with peers, learn about other arts such as theatre, expressive dance, improvisation and musical skills, and prepare a symphonic concert programme, which will be presented on 23 August at the 71st International Orchestra Festival in Prague. Ljubljana Festival.

This summer, we'll be travelling from Berlin to Broadway with one of the most popular vocalists in musical theatre, Ute Lemper. The concert will be prepared with the help of excellent mentors, both local professionals and music educators, as well as our own successful musicians who have made their way abroad with renowned orchestras. All will be available for group preparation as well as for individual questions. We will have creative workshops such as theatre improvisation, musical improvisation, singing and body rhythm - creative movement.  

We will be staying, creating and making music at the St Stanislav Institute in Šentvido for a week, from 16 - 23 August 2023.

The camp is a great opportunity for young musicians who want to spend their summer time creatively, among their peers, where peer collaboration is strengthened and encouraged, making music, and where everyone, even the youngest artists, is welcome to bring their previous knowledge to the camp. Before the start of the school year, the camp and the encouragement in the limelight of the magical Križanke are sure to be a great source of inspiration that will enrich the participants and their parents and friends long into the school year.