10/09/2022 Juliana Széchenyi

Saturday Music Evening

For tonight, we've chosen a concert Slovenian Youth Orchestra under the direction of the conductor Live Ploj Peršuh. The video was shot on 25 August at the Ljubljana Festival in Križanke.
Youth orchestras - such as the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra in the international context - are designed to create dynamism in music, to inspire enthusiasm for the art of music and the arts in general, to forge bonds of friendship and to advance young musicians. Also in Slovenia since 2019 Slovenian Youth Orchestra, involving young people aged between 12 and 22. Under the artistic direction of the founder conductor Live Ploj Peršuh is Slovenian Youth Orchestra performed at the International Orchestral Marathon of national youth orchestras from around the world, and was one of 14 orchestras to perform Vivaldi's algorithmically altered Four Seasons at the high-profile Glasgow Climate Conference as part of an international initiative. Each year, a variety of programmes are prepared during a multi-day summer residency under the guidance of leading professional orchestral musicians, and performed publicly at the end of the meeting. This year's programme featured members of the Krajnčan artistic family, and the concert also included works by English composer Gustavo Holst and Mexican composer Artur Márquez.

Media: Rtvslo.si
Date: 10 Sep 2022
Link: Saturday Music Evening