20/08/2023 Juliana Széchenyi

Around 100 musicians from all over Slovenia are presenting their works in Ljubljana

Ljubljana hosts a summer orchestra camp Slovenian Youth Orchestra.

Ljubljana hosts a summer orchestra camp, organised by the Slovenian Youth Orchestra with conductor Živo Ploj Peršuh.

Over the course of a week, young musicians will study music from Berlin to Broadway. The final concert will take place on 23 August at the Ljubljana Festival in Križanke, where they will be joined by German singer Ute Lemper as soloist.

Around 100 musicians accepted

The Summer Orchestra Camp is for young musicians aged 12 to 22, who spend a week learning about music and improvisation, as well as other arts such as theatre and expressive dance.
Around 100 musicians from all over Slovenia are accepted for the summer training, and this year they will be joined by young Ukrainian musicians who found refuge in Slovenia last year.

Ten places have been set aside for musicians whose families have been affected by the recent floods.

They will travel with music from Berlin to Broadway

The young musicians will work at the St Stanislav Institute in Šentvid until 23 August, when the final concert will take place. According to the orchestra's website, their music will travel from Berlin to Broadway with one of the most popular vocalists in musical theatre, German chansonnier Ute Lemper.

They can take part in workshops such as theatre improvisation, musical improvisation, singing and creative movement. Local performers, teachers and musicians working abroad, including Kristina Oberžan, Gregor Krmac, Matjaž Drevenšek and Petra Vidmar, will prepare them for the final concert.

Slovenian Youth Orchestra was created in 2019 in collaboration with international and national partners. New members are invited to join the orchestra every year, giving them the opportunity to get to know the work of a professional musician. A summer orchestra camp brings them together to form an occasional symphony orchestra. Last year, the orchestra was accepted into the European Federation of National Youth Orchestras.

Medium: Ljubljanainfo.com
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2023
Link: Around 100 musicians from all over Slovenia are presenting their works in Ljubljana