28/06/2022 Juliana Széchenyi

For a better and brighter future through music

For a better and brighter future through music In May and June, two concerts were given by young musicians who knocked on our consciences and reminded us that music can be the most precious pathway to a better and more promising future.

On 11 May, the Music for the Future project, an artistic and donor project, took place under the baton of the conductor Live Ploj Peršuh in the Gallus Hall of Cankarjev Dom, talented young musicians from Ukraine joined forces with young musicians from Slovenia under the auspices of the Slovenian Youth Orchestra to the Musič for the Future Symphony Orchestra. They were joined by world-renowned Latvian violinist Gidon Kremer, founder of Kremerata Baltica, for a recreation of Schumann's Concerto in A minor, originally written for cello. The artistic director of the programme carefully placed the work by the young Ukrainian composer Miroslav Skorik and the Solemn Overture by Lucian Skorik in the programme of the concert, the proceeds of which were donated to help children and families from Ukraine. M. Škerjanca, in which we recognise a Slovenian folk song. The young musicians proved their mastery in Dvorak's Eighth Symphony. The Musič for the Future Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Live Ploj Peršuh will take the stage again on 7 June, together with Masayah and a number of guests from different artistic fields, or as the organisers wrote in the announcements, the programme aimed to bring together seemingly incompatible classical music, rap, original beats, their adaptations, poetry and lyrics. The arrangements for the symphony orchestra were written by Matija Krečič, the stage design was by Matej Filipčič, the violin soloist was Maja Horvat, and the moderator was Ivan Lotrič. Open Your Eyes and Speak, with an interpretation of poems by the Slovenian classics of poetry by František Prešeren, Oton Župančič, Daně Zajc, Tomaž Šalamun and others, collected in a book of Slovenian rebel poetry and a new album. H2S04 (Igor Saksida and Masayah participated in the selection), young rappers Masayah, Emkej, Drill, Slick, Vazz, N3, Matter, Dacho, Tunja, The Woman, La Bagra, Smirbe, Chiro, Ghet. Gidon Kremer and the Musich for the Future Symphony Orchestra

Date: 28 Jun 2022