12/05/2022 Juliana Széchenyi

United for a better future for all

Ljubljana, 12 May 2022 - Young musicians from Ukraine and Slovenia held a concert at Cankarjev dom to raise donations to help the participating musicians and their families from Ukraine, as well as to support UNICEF's programmes for children and families in Ukraine. They were supported on stage by one of the best violinists of our time, Gidon Kremer. The fundraising campaign continues.

More than 80 young talents united in an orchestra Music for the future, with music - a universal language that connects and knows no borders, gave the audience an emotional fireworks show at yesterday's concert in Ljubljana. They were supported on stage by one of the most exciting musicians of our time and a giant of the art of violin playing, the renowned Gidon Kremer. Through music, the young musicians from Ukraine want to continue to develop their talents, overcome the trauma of war and help to build a better future for themselves and others, despite their difficult life stories. Through their networking with musicians from Slovenia, they show a strong desire for integration and coexistence.

"The concert was a unique experience. We managed to achieve a moment of coming together and bonding for young people. This orchestra of different people instantly became one passionate body, committed, full of love and listening to perform today's programme," she said. Živa Ploj Peršuh, conductor and artistic director Slovenian Youth Orchestra. "I am very happy with the level of play. Everyone tried very hard and enjoyed it. This is very satisfying and energising for me as a conductor and at the moment also as a kind of surrogate mother or leader. The last few days have been extremely difficult for the young musicians, also because of the news from abroad, but we have managed. The concert energised us all, as it is a demonstration of integration, bonding, community, family and love," she added.

"All children and young people deserve the opportunity to develop their potential. When they fulfil their mission, they build a better future for all. Thanks to the young musicians' unwavering will to live and create, and with the support of all of you, many families in Ukraine will remember the painful days they are experiencing for their solidarity. We are grateful to be able to help," said Tomaž Bergoč, Executive Director of UNICEF Slovenia. Gidon Kremer, a Grammy Award-winning, sensitive artist who always draws from his surroundings and expresses his feelings through music, lives and creates according to the principle "what we give to others stays, what we keep for ourselves dies". Before the concert, he said that he hoped that his collaboration with young musicians would act as an injection of goodwill and genuine support.

For Magdalena, a 19-year-old cellist from Ukraine, music means "almost everything". "I've been playing the cello for a very long time, so I've been thinking a lot about music and now I understand that it's my whole life. I really feel everything I play and I try to get better," said Magdalena, who wants every child to feel good wherever they are. "When I came to Slovenia, I didn't feel the most free because you realise that there is a different language and different people around you. So it was difficult. When you are surrounded by what you know, it is easier. And of course music helps a lot."

In a world that needs more tolerance and tolerance, music as a universal language can be a bridge between people, whatever their national and social background. "If we cannot communicate in any other way, we can communicate through music. It is full of emotions, positive, negative, and through the time we spend learning an instrument, we also learn about our emotions and how to express them," said Laura, a 24-year-old violinist from Slovenia, who describes working with musicians from Ukraine as inspiring. "If not in any other way, at least in this way I can help. It's hard when you want to help and your hands are tied. It's an honour to be able to learn something from them, and maybe they can learn something from me."

Sofia, a 17-year-old flutist from Ukraine, agrees that the power of music lies not only in expressing the individual and their emotions, but also in drawing attention to the situation in the world: "This is a great opportunity for all Ukrainians, because these are difficult times for us. We had to leave our homes, our families, which is very difficult for us. Music for the future is a good opportunity for Europe and the world to hear us, to experience Ukrainian music and culture. This is very important to me."

UNICEF Slovenia has been raising funds to help children and families in Ukraine since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, and with the help of donors from Slovenia, over €600,000 has been donated so far. As part of the art-donation project Music for the future young musicians from Ukraine and Slovenia performed at Cankarjev dom to raise donations for the musicians and their families from Ukraine and for UNICEF's programmes for children and families in Ukraine.


Medium: Si21.com
Date: 12 May 2022
Link: United for a better future for all